Opportunities to work with Humble Hydrogen

Humble Hydrogen is a start-up company committed to the beliefs expressed in this website. We need help across the planet and in particular would encourage anyone who feels they may have expert knowledge in any of the following areas to contact us:

  • Experts in the specification, installation and commissioning of hydrogen systems
  • Procurement experts in renewable energy.
  • Experts in the designing and commissioning of electronic control systems.
  • Manufacturers or aspiring manufacturers of electrolysers, fuel cells, wind turbines & control systems.
  • Clients who would like us to use their premises as ‘proof-of-concept’ hydrogen centres anywhere in the world.
  • Experts in planning, regulations & safety specifications for the production, storage and use of hydrogen and related appliances.
  • Anyone else who would like to join our happy hydrogen family at this start up stage and has something to bring to the party.