Hydrogen Bundle

MCP200 Bar Storage

Technical Specifications
Number of cylinders per frame 16
Total hydrogen storage capacity (Kg) 13
Total bundle capacity (Litres) 800
Max. working pressure 200
Design Features
Forklift access / pockets available? Yes, four-sided forklift access
Are lifting points available? Yes
Floor construction – grating, solid sheet or open? A grid would be best
How many main outlet valves are required, 1 or 2? 1
Standards & Certification
Design standard BS EN ISO 10961:2019
Directive compliance TPED, PED, ADR
Marking CE, Pi, UN, UKCA
3rd party approval Yes

The benefits of MCP gas bundle are wide, including

  1. Larger quantities of gases can be transported and distributed
  2. It is easier to install the bundle than interconnecting many gas bottles onsite.
  3. Cost-effective solution to store the gas.
  4. MCPs are easily uploaded and downloaded in trucks using a small crane or forklifts.
  5. MCPs can be fitted with wheels to move them easily onsite.
  6. MCPs can be used in a wide range of applications such as medical, meteorological, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food, metal cutting, universities, research centres, green energy, and other markets for storage of hydrogen gas.