Hydrogen Dispenser Systems

One of the most important components in a hydrogen eco-system is the “Hydrogen Gas Dispenser”. It is the key equipment required to refill the empty hydrogen storage tanks that are present inside your fuel cell electric vehicles or any other hydrogen gas-powered mobile applications.

HH’s newest hydrogen refueling dispensers offers the marketplace a unique set of 350, 700 and hybrid 350/700 bar dispensers. HH is the first company to supply the marketplace with a design that can accommodate your needs all in one place. With slow refill and fast refill solutions, HH provides the most adaptable filling dispensers around the globe.

The dispensers are designed in a way they can accommodate small, medium, and large fleet of vehicles operators. They also come with compact footprint. The hydrogen filling stations are user-friendly and have a world class safe design complying with different national and international codes and standards.

Simple in concept yet providing the best user experience on the market. The hydrogen dispensers are designed to allow you to have full control over the process of filling your cars, busses, trucks, forklifts, trains, boats, and other mobility related equipment.

HH offers a complete remote monitoring system that allows you to monitor the overall dispensing process from your office or home. HH specialised equipment proposes a fully computerised payment system using the International Forecourt Standard Forum (IFSF). Touchless card solutions are also available.

The hydrogen dispensers come with the highest accuracy of dispensed hydrogen through the use of the most precise mass measurement meter. Both 35 and 70 MPa vehicles can be safely refuelled using infrared communication to secure a fast fueling of any type of vehicle. All in all, this latest new H2 station support the sustainability, flexibility, reliability, and affordability that all refuelling operators need.

The benefits of hydrogen refueling are wide, including:

  1. Slow refill available
  2. Fast refill with InfraRed offered
  3. 350 bar filling for small, medium, and large vehicles supported
  4. 700 bar fast filling readily available
  5. Dual hose hybrid 350/700 bar solution
  6. Fast filling with innovative cooling systems
  7. Cost-effective solution to dispense hydrogen into your vehicles
  8. Compact design
  9. Best of the class monitoring system
  10. Complete automatised process
  11. Accept all major card systems
  12. The dispensers can be used in a wide range of applications such as logistics, councils, and other fleet operator markets.


350 bar Dual Nozzle Hydrogen Gas Dispenser



350bar+700 bar Dual Nozzle Hydrogen Gas Dispenser